Walk In The Footsteps Of Your Ancestors

Ever wonder about your family ancestors and the lives they lived? 

  • Their deep struggles and breathtaking accomplishments? Loves and losses?
  • Where did your middle name come from? Your sharp nose?  Your hazel eyes?
  • Do people in your family mention vague stories about people in your past . . . a great-grandmother who might have been a suffragette, a distant relative who was a mayor in Austria during WWII, a moonshiner during Prohibition?
  • Are there stories of a War Hero, brilliant university professor, talented musician, temperamental artist or a British noblewoman in your family?

Genealogical research can be fascinating . . . especially when it concerns you and your family. 

Yet you may shake your head at all the questions above.  Nope, nothing like that in my family, you say.   But what if there is, and you just don’t know it? 


Have you ever seen the shows “Finding Your Roots” or “Who Do You Think You Are?”  They are both fascinating and a bit addicting.  Take it from me.

Not all of us have ancestors who were acclaimed heroes or dancers, but we all have personalities, physical features and exceptional talents, many that have been inherited from our direct past.   It’s a fact of genetics: many talents and traits are commonly repeated generation after generation.

That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? 

So, who do you take after? 


Are you continuing a family legacy that you don’t even know about?  Now is the time to discover it.



My niece began to sing in perfect pitch as a young girl, even without training.  And my grandma played a mean set of spoons . . . and a guitar . . . and a violin.  While I am routinely asked not to sing, many in my extended family are amazing musicians.  Now I wonder where that talent originated. 

  • Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler comes from a line of Civil War drummers.
  • Kelly Clarkson’s ancestors were abolitionists and part of the Underground Railroad.
  • JK Rowling’s great-grandfather, previously a waiter, became a French WWI war hero.
                Captain Wadsworth 

Family members of our own Travel Advisor Sue Becks were early pioneers from England in the 1600s who founded Hartford, Connecticut and Wadsworth, Ohio. In fact, Captain Wadsworth actually saved the colony of Connecticut in the infamous Charter Oak event in 1687.

Many of us are unknowingly continuing the legacy of our family and passing on traits like courage, strength and resilience to our own children.   Well, that and the shape of our nose.

According to Paul Becks, genealogical researcher for Footsteps World Travel, “Everyone whom I’ve done research for has been blown away by the discoveries we make.  If  you think about it, America is still a young country.  As an immigrant nation, we generally come from somewhere else.  And most people have ancestors who were either early Americans who migrated to America in the 1600s or were European immigrants arriving in the last century.  They were part of building America four hundred years ago or were a part of its transformation in the last 100 years.  It’s fascinating!”


You just might be amazed at the stories you can discover about your own past. 

                                                                    ~ Paul Becks, FWT genealogy researcher


Footsteps World Travel offers genealogy research and specializes in Heritage Travel so you can literally follow in the footsteps of your ancestors.  You might obtain their war records and visit the battlefields or Europe or perhaps explore the church in Ireland where they were married. There’s even a chance you can connect with distant relatives.  The possibilities are endless. 

But it won’t happen until you take that first FOOTSTEP.  You never know what we’ll discover together!



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