You May Be Surprised!

by Regina Bell
travel writer


There are as many types of romance travel as there are kinds of relationships:  destination wedding, vow renewal, honeymoon, anniversary trip, empty nest celebration . . . or simply a time to reconnect. 

During this Valentine’s Day season, let’s take a look at some surprising trends in romance travel.  They just might give you some ideas for that special someone.


Trend 1: Reasons to Travel Have Changed

 People on romantic excursions are often celebrating milestones . . . but not always traditional ones.  Some simply want to share an amazing experience together:

  • proposal trips
  • bachelorette parties
  • culinary experiences
  • adventure getaways
  • babymoons

Trend 2:  Traditional It’s Not

The latest trends involve destination weddings and group honeymoons.  Friends and family come for the wedding and stay for the vacation.  In fact, one recent travel industry stat reports that 25-40% of millennial weddings are now away from home. 

And these group trips often focus on experiential inclusions, like a bonfire on the beach, cigar bars, unique ceremony settings and themes and group excursions. 


Trend 3:  It’s About the Experience

Romantic vacations often focus on diverse experiences, not just lounging on a secluded beach (which is still a popular choice).  Many vacationers are older and are more well-traveled.  They want to share experiences and create memories specific to their destination.   Think:

  • volunteer experiences
  • adventure activities like cavern diving, jungle ziplining, catamaran cruises
  • local culture and cuisine (native festivals, landmarks and culinary classes, anyone?)

Trend 4:  Health and Wellness Play a Role

More and more romantic getaways include outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking, skiing and local exploration.  In a StudyLogic survey, 40% of the recent travelers who responded went on a run during their honeymoon.  Important amenities are often an available gym and wellness activities, and resorts are happy to comply.


Trend 5:  The Craze is Caribbean

Visualize your most romantic place.  There’s probably a pristine beach, breathtaking sunset and gorgeous weather. The Caribbean has it all.  If you add in that it doesn’t take long to get there, affordable prices, delicious cuisine and a colorful culture, and it’s easy to see why it’s the top destination for romantic travel.



Trend 6:  Still, Balance is Important

While a new trend is to take in multiple destinations on one vacation, many romance travelers are also looking for a balance of activities and relaxation.  The adventurous experiences are great, but so is the beach downtime. 

It’s all about creating memories.  While dancing to a steel drum band is amazing, so is a private dinner on the beach.


Trend 7:  Travelers are Relying More on Advisors to Help Plan Their Trip

People are turning away from the overwhelming info on the internet and asking the help of a savvy Travel Advisor.  And with good reason:

  • She takes the pressure off by handling group travel and accommodations.
  • By matching a couple’s personalities with their romantic getaway dreams, she can help create perfect trip.
  • A really good Travel Advisor has professional relationships with hotels, travel companies and their staffs as well as experience with the top destinations . . . all which work to your advantage.
  • She can coordinate (and often surprise you with) romantic perks like champagne in your room, chocolate-covered strawberries and petal-strewn baths.
  • And, best of all, it doesn’t cost you a dime to work with a Travel Advisor. What’s not to love?


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