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                       Isabelle Killay – Isle of Man

Home DNA tests have given us a glimpse of personal  backgrounds we might never have imagined otherwise.  How did I come from this part of the world?  Who were these people?  What are their stories? 

Are you interested in discovering more about your ancestors?  Is there an enigmatic great-grandmother in your family tree?  An ancestor who might have been a soldier in the Civil War? 

Footsteps World Travel can help you find out. 


Searching for Clues


“You never know what we’ll unearth.”  ~ Footsteps genealogist Paul Becks



Paul Becks, our genealogy researcher, is ready to help you discover the roots of your family tree. 

           Cassandra Burnell Southwick’s                           memorial on Shelter Island

Share what you know, and Paul will do the research.  He has helped dozens of people learn about their ancestors through:

  • specialized worldwide websites
  • country and county records
  • military documents
  • newspaper and print databases
  • church archives
  • obituaries
  • even high school records!

“You never know what we’ll unearth,” says Paul . . . “I’ve helped people get the documentation they needed to become members of the Daughters of the American Revolution, find family memorials of relatives who were considered witches and banished to Shelter Island off the coast of Long Island, and trace a family history back to the 12th century in Europe.  It’s amazing what you can find, if you know where to dig.”


                 marriage certificate of                                        George Miltner and Isabelle Killay

Using his years of genealogy research experience, Paul can often discover:

  • baptism, marriage and death registries
  • military service records and commendations
  • immigration papers
  • family crests or tartans
  • photos of ancestors and their weddings, family photos, gravesites and commemoration plaques
  • hometowns, even home sites


Paul adds, “I love doing the research.  People are always blown away by our discoveries.  America is too young of a country.  Almost every one of us comes from somewhere else.  That means most of us come from either European landed gentry or tough immigrant stock.  They all had stories of struggles, achievements and talents.  Once you find out about the gifted artist in your past, it makes sense.  It adds another layer to your own life story.”



“It adds another layer to your own life story.” ~ Paul Becks



Taking the Next FOOTSTEP

What do you do with all of this wonderful info, once you have it?

            Sue’s grandparents,       Michael & Dorothy Masterson
  • Recognize talents that run in your family.
  • Be aware of predispositions toward health issues.
  • Discover a newfound sense of pride and depth in your family’s history.
  • Finally understand the meaning behind your middle name.
  • Connect with living relatives that you don’t even know you have.

And you can take your exploration even further . . . why not  follow in the FOOTSTEPS of your ancestors and visit the places where they lived and loved?

Paul and Susan at Footsteps World Travel have helped people visit the hometowns of great-grandparents, renew their wedding vows in the same Irish chapel as their ancestors, visit the places where their past family left a mark on history.  


The possibilities are endless . . . and it all starts with a single Footstep.


Contact Susan at Footsteps World Travel for more info:
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Look for next month’s blog on fascinating stories of Heritage Travel with Footsteps World Travel!



Heritage Travel: Finding Your Ancestors’ FOOTSTEPS