by Regina Bell
travel writer

It’s that time of year again . . . when you start feeling stressed out about finding the perfect gift for the people you love. 

Happily, Sue Becks at Footsteps World Travel has a great solution:  give the gift of travel.

“Travel is the perfect way to get very busy kids or friends or couples together to experience a new place or to simply relax,” she points out.

And you’ll be surprised at how many choices you have.  Consider these adventures:

  1. European Land Trip  
  • Is your spouse or partner digging into their family past? Heritage Travel, complete with personal genealogy research, can connect them with their ancestors and important family history.  Then you visit . . . what could be cooler?
  • Which European countries are on the bucket list of someone you love? Now’s your chance to surprise them with an experience of a lifetime.


  1. Cruises
  • Cruising is a wonderful answer to finding the right gift. There are different options for the perfect vacation for you and your loved ones, from activity-packed family trips to adults-only relaxing getaways and everything in between. 


ride on the Hogwarts Express


  1. Train Travel in the US
  • Jump on an Amtrak train and explore our nation in comfort and style. Sleep and eat on the train, visit the national parks your kids or significant other have always wanted to see, and leave the driving to someone else.  


  1. Multigenerational Trips 

  • By land, sea, rail or air, these vacations are the new way to connect with family, both old and young. From Christmas cruises to national park exploration, beach time in Hawaii and adventures in Alaska, they are the perfect way to get everyone together without the interruptions and responsibilities of day-to-day life.
  • Molly Koenig and her husband Chris have given their four kids a family cruise for Christmas the past two years: “Memories that we create on our vacations are worth more than any other gift we can give them.”


  1. Combination Adventures
  • Just imagine the best of all trips: a flight to California, a bus trip to the famous San Diego Zoo, then a train excursion up the stunning Pacific Coast to San Francisco and Seattle.  So many experiences all wrapped up in one Christmas package!
  • For example, Pat Wagner and several of her women friends recently took the trip to California. They call themselves The Golden Girls.  “It’s so important to spend time with your friends, and we give each other a very important gift: the gift of laughter,” she shares.


Who doesn’t love a day at the beach?

So, why not give the unexpected this year for the holidays?   Technology is quickly outdated, toys are broken, sweaters are returned.  As Sue echoes Molly, “There’s no better gift than the gift of time spent together creating memories.”

The tagline of Footsteps World Travel says it all:  Travel is life . . . go out and live it.  Now you can share that with the people you love.  Happy Holidays!

If you’d like to learn more about giving a present that lasts a lifetime, give Sue a call at 330.242.1541 or email her at  You’ll be glad you did!


Give the Gift of Travel
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