Susan Becks – Travel Advisor & Founder

As a mother of three, Susan has always loved showing her family the wonders of the world. Throughout the years the Becks family has hosted numerous foreign exchange students from many continents. By visiting each of them in their home country, they were given the unique opportunity to experience the local life and culture from a native perspective. From Paris, to Dubai, to cruising the Caribbean… every getaway is a learning experience. Susan’s passion for worldly adventures has led her to create Footsteps World Travel, so that she may enable you to learn more about the many cultures of the world that you live in. | (330) 242-1541


Laura Becks – Travel Advisor

In her many years of traveling, Laura has developed a sincere passion for connecting with all of the amazing experiences that the world can provide, and sharing these experiences with her clients. As a Yoga & Wellness practitioner, Laura is particularly passionate about travel experiences that focus on improving the health and wellness of her clients.  |  (330) 242-5354





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