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Crystal Clear Waters are More Than a Dream


Are you dreaming of lazing on the beach during the day, palm trees swaying slowly above you and waves gently lapping the shore?  Then there’s rum punch and calypso music for the warm nights.

Barbados and the other Caribbean islands are a dream come true.

And you can do a little dreaming right now with some fun links:

  • Click here for a video gallery to show you every part of the island.
  • Here’s a link to the Visit Barbados virtual tour. 
  • Then take a walk around the capital of Barbados, Bridgetown by clicking here.
  • And, once you learn what you shouldn’t miss, don’t forget to learn what NOT to do in Barbados.


And when you’re done watching at the videos and reading the blogs, here are a few songs for your future Barbados playlist:


You can almost hear the waves lapping the beach and taste the rum punch!


Crystal clear azure blue waters and sparkling sands await you in the many faces and places that are the Caribbean.  Follow your own adventure by choosing one of these amazing destinations with the help of Footsteps World Travel.



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