Discover the Wonders of Alaska


There’s so much more to Alaska than glaciers, polar bears and sled dogs. 
Now is a great time to do some virtual adventuring and learn about it for yourself.


Here are a few suggestions:

  • Travel Alaska offers a library of videos so that you can explore every facet, from its towns to its native cultures and unique wildlife: click here.  
  • They also offer Instagram highlights and an amazing Virtual Alaska travel blog with wildlife videos, stunning scenery and zero social distancing.
  • Even cooler, the Alaska Native Heritage Center offers live storytelling by its Alaska Native leaders and elders twice a week on its Facebook page.  
  • And then there is the Alaska SeaLife Center’s YouTube channel with an all-day stream of the diving seabird habitat.  What can be cooler than that?
  • Want the lowdown on the places you really shouldn’t miss?  Travel Alaska has you covered as Alaskans suggest the best of the best.
  • And what about some input from Animal Planet?  They show you that Alaska is so much more than what you might imagine.

Whether you go to Alaska this year, in 2021 or years from now, these links will open up a whole new world up north for you!


 The wonders of the Great White North await you!  Alaska is often mentioned as a definite on many bucket lists, so let’s start planning your adventure.  Consider a Glacier Cruise combined with a Land Tour . . . it really is the best way to get a taste of everything Alaska has to offer.  The Travel Advisors at Footsteps World Travel are Alaska specialists, and we’ll gladly help you plan the perfect trip.


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