Mike and Jenny from West Palm Beach, FL have always had a yearning to experience their Ancestral Irish Homeland. With the help of Footsteps genealogical research, we were able to trace Mike’s ancestors all the way back to a small parish in County Cavan, Ireland. With that knowledge in hand, off they went!

Mike and Jenny enjoyed a 10-day guided CIE tour of Ireland with stops in Blarney, Killarney, the Ring of Kerry, and of course had a few pints in Galway and Dublin! They say that they’re completely hooked, and are already planning another visit this coming summer. Ireland is truly a magical place, with the most lovely people.

Have you ever wanted to retrace your ancestors’¬†footsteps? Contact us to learn more about how Footsteps World Travel can help you discover your heritage, and take you back to the places your family originated from.

The Ireland Of Our Ancestors
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