The Koenig Family | Christmas Cruise | December 2018 (to be continued!)

by Regina Bell
travel writer

at the Miami cruise port

Molly Koenig and her husband Chris are running out of time.  At least that’s how they feel when it comes to their four kids, ages 16, 13, 12 and 9.

“They’re growing so fast, and we’re always so busy,” says Molly.  “Last year, we were looking for something different to do at the holidays.  Instead of worrying about the gifts they got, we wanted our kids to spend time as a family, with no one going their separate ways or stuck on their phones.  Chris and I wanted to spend as much time as possible with our kids before they grow up and move on.” 

Their solution?  A Christmas cruise.

Ally, Ethan, Brandon & Bella having fun in Jamaica

Yep.  A cruise with their kids for Christmas.


“The memories we create are worth more than any gift we could give them,” she answers.

So, why a cruise instead of an all-inclusive resort or a trip to a theme park?

According to Molly, “After our first summer cruise with Footsteps World Travel, we were sold.  The biggest reason for us: the kids are NEVER bored on a cruise ship.  They’re really active, and they like having options for things to do.  There are rock walls, surfing, mini golf, crafts, kid activities and shows. 

Plus, they love all the stops along the way.  It’s amazing: they really look forward to it every year now.”

Ethan’s Christmas ice cream
Brandon celebrating his 16th birthday
Bella and Ally ordering ice cream 

And how were Sue Becks and Footsteps World Travel a part of the adventure?

“I own my own business, Bridgewater Senior Home Care,” Molly explains.  “So, there’s no way Chris and I could plan a vacation – let alone a cruise – without Sue. 

Sue has been so amazing; I rely on her to do it all for us, from researching the best offers, figuring out all the options for what we can include, flights, transportation from the airport to the cruise ship . . . she is hands-down amazing!”



3D Christmas movie: Chris, Molly & Brandon

But what kind of challenges are inherent to cruising with kids?

Bella and Ally enjoying an IMax movie aboard the ship

“To be honest,” Molly answers, “Sue takes all the challenge out of the experience.  She’s so accommodating with my busy schedule.  She prints out our bag tags for the cruise ship, gets us the info on childcare, and entertainment and makes sure we have everything we need before we leave.  On top of that, she’s available to handle any glitches while we’re on the trip and checks on us to make sure it’s all smooth sailing.

Our only challenges are deciding when we want to go and what clothes to pack.”




Chris and Molly in Mexico

So, would you recommend a Christmas family cruise?

Molly replies emphatically, “Absolutely!  Time is something that is so precious.  You can’t put a price on it.  Chris and I won’t get that back with our kids, so we plan to enjoy as much time with them as possible.  Christmas cruises are an amazing gift for all of us.”


There is still time to plan a cruise . . . if not for Christmas this year, then perhaps to give as a gift for the coming winter months or next Christmas.  Call Sue at Footsteps World Travel at 330.242.1541 to learn about your exciting options to create memories that last a lifetime.

Cruising Through Christmas