Your personal planner and the founder of Footsteps World Travel is Susan Becks. A lifelong adventurer, Susan has never let the grass grow beneath her feet.  After attending college, Susan and her husband Paul hit the road. They had the great fortune to live in multiple cities on both the West and East coasts prior to returning home to her beloved Ohio.

While successfully raising a family, Susan instilled in them the passion for travel. And she expanded her family by hosting seven Rotary Youth Exchange students from all parts of the world, whom the Becks have then visited in their home countries. Thanks to her intrepid nature and her enthusiasm to embrace new cultures, Susan has been blessed to be able to travel the world for more than 30 years.

Paul is an engineer and expert world explorer. Having traveled extensively for business and pleasure for more than 35 years, Paul has visited 28 countries on 4 continents. Paul certainly knows his way around the system and can offer expert advice to make your journey smooth, from choosing the best rail systems to navigating huge airports and finding the best out-of-the-way pubs.

Paul also has a keen interest in genealogy and brings this knowledge and passion to the travel and tourism industry.  Footsteps’ newest service is Heritage Travel, helping you connect with your heritage and explore where your ancestors lived and loved.

Together, Susan and Paul have over 65 years of travel experience, from Alaskan cruises to European excursions and ancestral searches . . .  and they can’t wait to share the passion and adventure with you.  You’ll be amazed where your footsteps lead you!


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