Every Journey Begins With Footsteps

Ever consider Heritage Travel? Now's the time to research your ancestors and dream of walking in their Footsteps.

Heritage Travel

Who Do You Think You Are, and Why Should You Care?


                 Civil War Soldier

As we all know, travel is restricted at this time.  Here’s an idea for something to do if you have time on your hands:  look into your family history.

Ever wonder about your family ancestors and the lives they lived?

Their deep struggles and breathtaking accomplishments? Loves and losses?

Where did your middle name come from? Your sharp nose?  Your hazel eyes?

Are there uncertain whispers of an accomplished spy, a gifted seamstress or a British noblewoman in your family?

You may shake your head at all the questions above.  Nope, nothing like that in my family, you say.   But what if there is, and you just don’t know it?


As our genealogy researcher Paul Becks says, “You just might be amazed at the stories you can discover about your own past.”

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Welcome to Footsteps!

Our agency’s goal is to enrich people’s lives through travel.

We believe that the travel experience provides an opportunity to connect with the world around us while building memories with those we love.

Footsteps World Travel helps create a travel adventure tailored just for you.

We offer planning for cruises and experiences with All-Inclusive, Health and Wellness, Romance, European, Heritage, Special Needs and
Adventure Travels.

Our Travel Advisors specialize in:

Susan – Cruises, European Adventures and Heritage Travel
Laura – Health and Wellness Resorts, All-Inclusive Packages and Romance Travel

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Susan has been wonderful at getting my family and me booked and ready for our Disney cruise that we will be taking in a couple months. The process has been super-smooth, and she has been very easy to get a hold of with any question that we have had along the way."

Ken W.

Have Sue plan your next trip! She is patient, attentive and very helpful. I highly recommend going through Sue for all of your travels!"

Denise P.

Footsteps helped us on our recent trip to London, and they did an AMAZING job. They thought of every detail and offered us tips on many other aspects of our trip. From the very beginning and through all of the weeks of planning - they were fantastic and so easy to work with. You will not find better people to help you plan your next trip!!"

Scott J.